Photos by Eva Serrats at La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, Barcelona. "Secret Guide to La Rambla", 25 March – 24 May 2010

This exhibition traces a diachronic route that portrays La Rambla as an urban space saturated by photographic, literary, film and media representations. In the show, photographs from various city archives, combined with contemporary images, are used to draw a detailed atlas of this boulevard. Far from proposing a historic narrative that might give rise to a nostalgic vision, the exhibition takes as its themes certain spaces, gestures and myths that break with clichés and icons that have encouraged an excessively simplistic image of La Rambla. To this end, “Secret Guide to La Rambla” places photographs by Frederic Ballell, Gabriel Casas, Josep Maria Sagarra, Brassaï, Dora Maar, Ramon Masats, Colita, Xavier Miserachs, Josep Cunties and Manel Armengol along side images by Eva Serrats, Red Caballo, ÀngelsMargarit, OriolVilanova, Peter Downsbrough, JaumePitarch, Beat Streuli and Frank Berger, amongst many others.